Balayage express highlights in Fremont CA

Fed up with having to fork out both time and money to get your roots done? We’re here to tell you that there is an easier way. Well, Rosa Caballero is, actually.She’s the hair stylist who has been pioneering this easy-to-maintain, cost-effective hair style that is making the lives of women everywhere a little bit easier.

What is balayage?

Balayage is a technique that gives you the appearance of a soft natural sun-kissed effect with no regrowth so it is very easy to maintain. It’s what I call “lived-in hair”. So effortless-looking, yet so effective and beautiful to look at. It can add volume, or definition and not to mention completely brighten up someone’s face and enhance natural beauty.

How is it done?

The word balayage itself means to sweep or paint, but the final result can be created via many different techniques – it just depends on the volume of hair a person has, the condition and the colour. I tend to free-paint blondes but use foils on my brunettes and those with previously coloured hair as free-painting dark coloured hair will not give us the desired result – this will only happen if the hair is natural with no colour.

Why is it becoming so popular?

It’s so popular because it’s easy to maintain and it’s so stunning and natural.

How is it maintained?

Balayage grows out so softly that the maintenance is small. To keep the colour fresh and bright the only maintenance you will need is a non sulphate shampoo and a good conditioner and lots of treatments.

Does it suit everyone?

We are all naturally born with balayage, so yes it definitely suits all. You can contour and apply a personalised balayage to each individual to suit the volume length of the hair and face shape.

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