About Rosa Caballero Hair Stylist

Rosa’s Story

With over 20 years of hair styling foundation, Rosa Caballero has aced the claim to fame of planning every last one of a kind customer to the perfect hair trim, shading and style. Rosa’s expansive getting ready at Vidal Sassoon, close by her allow from Fair field Beauty School, makes her an Avant Guard East Bay hairstylist. Her understanding, skill and involvement in current, in vogue and ordinary hairstyles, ensures the most impeccably awesome style for every member of the family, from energetic children, to senior adults. Her vitality for hair styling urges her match hairstyles to unique individual characteristics, while her guidance and experience has furnished her with data she needs to design modified hairstyles for her customers.


Rosa Hair Stylist is eager about hairstyling and has some skill in organizing the perfect trim and shading blend, to singular qualities. She understands that every individual is exceptional. She advises with each customer before beginning each hairstyling guileful finish.


The greater part of her customers are entire families, from energetic children to senior adults. Rosa truly values making people feel and put their best self forward. She needs her customers to be content with the hairstyle they leave with. It is basic to her.